Equipment and Accessories

Our organization is able to carry out complex deliveries:

1. Hydraulic equipment, control systems, hydrostatic transmissions, pumps for various hydraulic systems, hydraulic motors, valves and filters, components of electro-hydraulic control systems - both as separate units and integrated systems of the following manufacturers: Daikin, Grundfos, Sauer Danfoss, Rotary Power, Hydrotechnik , Hydro-Gear, Kawasaki, Sunhydraulics, Bosch Rexroth, Hydac, Vickers, Atos, Denison, Hansa Flex, Casappa, Hi-Force, Inter Normen, White Hydraulics, Waltercheid, Dietzel, Vogel, Chapel, Pister;
2. Swivel joints, high-precision mechanics and filters, screw pairs, gas springs, industrial shock absorbers, robotics components, mechanical clamps, connecting elements, gearboxes, geared motors, overrunning clutches, electromagnetic couplings, clutches of manufacturers Deublin, Rossi Motoriduttori, Neff, Tollok , Suco, Schunk, Bansbach, Ace, Tollo Linear, Warner Electric, Warner Linear, Wichita Clutch, Igus, Stieber, Brevetti Veitscher, Renold, Ele Fantini, Klose, Stabilus, Sumitomo, bearings Skf.
3. Cables, flexible cable channels, guide rail protection systems, high-precision structural profiles of aluminum alloys.

4. Spare parts and components for agricultural machinery
5. Electronic components
As well as many other things upon the customer request.


Our company is located in Germany and has been successfully operating in the international cargo transportation market for more than ten years. We offer comprehensive transport and logistics solutions for the delivery and clearance of various types of goods.

We have our own transportation and our own consolidation warehouses in Hamburg, Berlin, Istanbul, Riga, Beijing, Guangzhou, New York and Moscow.
Our company carries out transportation and customs clearance of goods in sea containers, both prefabricated and fully loaded from the countries of Southeast Asia, India, the USA, the United Arab Emirates and Europe. The main cargo transshipment is carried out through various ports of China, as well as New York, Dubai, Hamburg, Riga and St. Petersburg.

Our company can take care of business processes or production functions of your company, providing outsourcing in the field of foreign trade.

We can offer for You:
-Development of optimal transport and logistics schemes of cargo transportation
-Monitoring of cargo movement along the entire route
-Advising on customs and international legislation, transport and logistics
-Preparation, verification and coordination of documents related to customs clearance with representatives of customs authorities
-Organization of customs clearance process

   We will be glad to become Your reliable partner in the market of transport and logistics services and customs clearance of Your goods.

Food Stuff

The company Global Trade Group GmbH in Germany specializes in the supply of food from different countries to Germany. Thanks to our international logistics and international contacts, we buy exclusively directly from manufacturers, farmers and processing companies.
We constantly have a wide selection of delicacies and agricultural products; we offer suitable solutions for every company. Our delivery program includes vegetables and fruits from Turkey, Egypt, Morocco and other countries that we can deliver to you on request, as well as cereals such as wheat, corn and rice. In our assortment there is also sugar, wheat flour, nuts, legumes, such as beans, peas, peanuts, and many others.
Our company pays a great attention to quality and control, since the satisfaction of our Customers is especially important for us.

We will gladly get Your request at any time and send You an individual offer as soon as possible.

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